PALAYAN CITY’s recorded existence began in 1965. Prior to the birth of the city, a portion of the land in the Municipality of Bongabon was categorized as a government stock farm being a government facility for the development of animals supervised by the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI). From being a government stock farm, it was reformed into a city through the enactment of Republic Act 4475 creating it as a city and the new capital of Nueva Ecija.

The city mainly relies on agri-based industries like rice, onions, calamansi and corn-based food processing, meat and livestock processing, and industries for packing, production of materials, and commercial warehousing. Its land is being used for agricultural, residential, and commercial purposes. There are also rolling hills, terrains, and mountains in the city, all used for agriculture and commercial industry.

The city is now transforming into a vibrant capital of Nueva Ecija. Fifty years back since 1965, a lot of changes and developments transpired. With the city’s current vision to become an investment-friendly, agro-industrial, and agro-tourism hub anchored to the opening of Palayan City Business Hub and other commercial establishments, the city will soon become the new center of business industries in the province.

The Palayan City Business Hub, with a total area of 37,500 square meters, will be home to two world-class business-processing outsourcing buildings with a combined seat capacity of 2,500 equipped with high-speed Internet connectivity. Also, a three-story, 75-room hotel, as well as the first major commercial complex in the city.

At least 18,000 jobs are expected to be generated by a business and government center that is nearing completion in barangay Singalat. Some 15,000 of these jobs will be in call centers and 3,000 in hotels and other commercial establishments and in government offices. The land was donated by the city government as its contribution to the hub, which is being developed by the provincial government and MTD Philippines, a subsidiary of the Malaysian Conglomerate Alloy MTD.

Population count based on PSA Census 2016

The City Government of Palayan is mandated to plan and implement programs, projects, and activities to alleviate poverty, to promote and ensure the general welfare and interest of its people.

It will pursue its mandate towards the realization of its vision to become the vibrant capital city with the greatest value on character, culture, balanced ecology, peace and order, health, employment and resiliency.

We, the officials and employees of the City Government of Palayan, do hereby swear and pledge to serve our people with utmost diligence, dignity, integrity, respect, and with the highest degree of professionalism.

We pledge to achieve greater efficiency in the delivery of government services and commit to provide accessible, accurate, and reasonable information at all times.

We further pledge to value the needs, comments and suggestion of our clients and constituents through our feedback mechanism.

As the steward of the vision, the City Government shall transform Palayan into a modern, sustainable and resilient city that espouses the balanced management of the built and unbuilt environment to ensure equitable growth and promote the welfare of all Palayanos

The vibrant Capital City and employment center of Nueva Ecija; thriving through an agro-industrial and Information Technology economy; enabled by disaster-resilient and organized urban growth; with a well-managed environment; inspired by God-loving, family-oriented, self-reliant, gender-sensitive, and dynamic Palayanos; guided by a compassionate and strong-willed government.

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